Solutions we provide:

Brand Boost:

We help you define what makes your brand unique by determining key voice/messages, identifying ideal clients and how best to reach them, target areas for improved profitability and development

Strategic Marketing Planning:

Create content strategies to identify target digital sources to best promote your senior service business. This is performed by researching your target audience, keywords, and by testing and analyzing different networks and types of content. Monthly reporting will provide an overview of what work we have conducted that month, how traffic has changed on your site, the extent of your social media outreach, and how your advertising campaigns are performing.

Social Media Management

To help you build your online presence and social followings, we will create a digital marketing plan that will include an ‘evergreen’ calendar of scheduled postings for your desired social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram.

Writing/Content Creation & Development:

We can craft new copy for key pages on your website to better optimize keyword searches, write blog posts or articles around your services, or relay advice for seniors, or post updates on local events

Campaign &  Community Management:

Observing, analyzing and responding in a timely manner to what your senior audience is discussing while looking for opportunities for engagement and further content creation

Digital Advertising and Pay Per Click:

Partnering with you to determine your budget, creating and posting advertising that works for your best for your senior healthcare, homecare or retirement community brand

Social Media Coaching:

We also educate and train your marketing team to enhance their digital marketing skillset for in house social media management.

Email Marketing:

In order to expand your prospective customer/resident base, we can write, design, and send out emails to your desired list of customers in order to help promote your senior focused business and offerings.

Photo Editing and Video Production:

H2H Marketing will create custom social media images alerting followers about special deals, share inspirational quotes, or highlight employees all while maintaining your brand.

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