Hello, I’m Lynn. Nice to meet you!

My path has always been a reflection of my passions for working with seniors and their families. For the past decade I’ve been working with businesses and communities whose core value is caring for people through personal connection.

“Human to Human,” that’s always been my deep belief and my working style
At the same time, I began to manage large online communities for my clients to market their events and services.  Using wide reaching digital platforms to communicate effectively to the individual may seem antithetical, but it’s my sweet spot.
I’d love to help you grow and connect more deeply with your customer base by managing your social platforms and content in a really powerful and personal way.  

Our philosophy:

  • Social media is an amazing tool to reach and communicate with your customers and we want you to make the most of it.
  • We believe marketing tools help us to tell your story, but we first need to know what we want to say (aka: have a plan).
  • We believe that being a good person is always the right answer and what that means to us is to be fully transparent and always act and respond with respect to every individual.
  • We believe our skill set and high EQ combined with expertise in the 55+ demographic can help you achieve the marketing goals you seek.

What makes us unique?

  • We understand the 55+ demographic in the retirement, healthcare and non profit arenas and the unique challenges they confront – wearing multiple hats, high expectations and increasing responsibilities.
  • Experience totaling 25+ years in sales and marketing incorporating emotional intelligence in leadership roles: the first 10 in pharma sales and recent 10+ in management & geriatrics.
  • We won’t sell you on digital marketing/social media if you aren’t ready. Our goals are to help you meet your goals by getting organized, remaining focused and gaining confidence.
  • The H2H (human to human) connection is our sweet spot and we welcome the creativity and online engagement that will enhance the story of your brand.

Fun Facts about Lynn

  • As a curious human who has an intense love of learning, I am always an open book ready to learn from mentors of all ages.
  • Pinch me! A long time adventurous goal has been to live on sailboat–achieved and livin’ it!
  • Nature is my happy place and helps me reset and find my creative bones. Yoga is a close second.
  • My supportive and loving partner and I have raised two gorgeous humans through life-schooling, travel and modeling that seeking answers to our own questions just about always leads to happiness and fulfillment.
  • Animal rescue is a staple in my life and I have fostered 100+ dogs and cats by helping them find their dream lives.
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