Good storytelling always wins.

Digital marketing strategy and social media targeted at the 55+ demographic. Let’s breathe human connection and storytelling into your brand.

Do you know the value of your social media presence?

Navigating the ever changing digital media landscape can be emotionally and financially taxing, even a little bit scary.
Human to human (H2H) Marketing is here to help you weed through the options to create a plan that is easily executed through a trusting, transparent partnership. We
offer solutions for businesses that are seeking a well versed partner in 55+ industries with whom they can collaborate and is fully invested in their success.

How human is your marketing? 

68% of olders use Facebook and that number is growing.

89% of marketers say efforts in social media increased brand awareness and 75% say it has increased traffic.

*Pew Research

The most important key performance indicator (KPI) is human impact. H2H Marketing will help you target your 55+ demographic audience through a solid strategy. Our secret sauce focuses on human connection, consistency and engagement to drive traffic to your site.

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